Mobile application design, prototype and development.

1 Hour Obligation Free Consultation. complete discretion and NDA provided

Custom Mobile App Development.

With intriguing UX and stunning UI we are able to create a large variety of mobile apps to work on any smartphone, tablet or watch. Our dedicated mobile application development team turn your ideas into a viable mobile application and business model.

We can build a working prototype before building your app so you can test and perfect your app.

With the mobile application industry continuously growing at a phenomenal rate. Dont get left behind.

Apple iOS

We design and build Native iOS mobile apps in response to the complete customer journey. We have the capabilities to take you from planning to design to execution, roll out and ongoing success.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid application development demands the mastery of both Android and iOS. It comes with its own challenges but produces wonderful results. We create hybrid apps according to your requirements.
Flutter and Firebase development are changing hybrid mobile app building.


We place great emphasis on all aspects of technical code, design, content and privacy while developing Native Android mobile apps to ensure your app meets all the requirements of Google Play Store guidelines.

Cross Platform

There is no need to reserve your app for one platform when you can expand your outreach and increase your customer base. Only one code base is required which is then applied across all platforms, saving you time and money. Our Mobile Web Apps allow for exponential growth and scaling.

User Interface + Unrivalled User Experience

From Idea To Market National or Global

Digital One’s large network of experienced business advisers and tech experts will assist you through all stages of the mobile app development process including design, wire frames, interface, legal framework, marketing, pre + post launch campaign and business mentoring.    

Experts in emerging technologies.

Digital One Agency helps startups and seasoned businesses create mobile app experiences to engage and grow their target market. Specialising in

  • Market Disruptive Apps
  • eCommerce Platforms
  • Industrial companies
  • Medical Industry
  • Entertainment
  • Startups
  • Government
  • Education
  • Law 
  • SME’s 

Why use us?

Since the days of early smart phones, the old nokia’s and blackberrys of the mid 2000’s we have been creating custom mobile applications for clients around the world. As hardware has progressed so has the ability to create and innovate what we could only just dream of years ago. Our development teams are always looking at the latest hardware and software combinations ready to implement for our clients needs.

Professional Mobile App development in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and Gold Coast

Our clients are local and global, we are experienced in launching mobile apps in Australia and Globally in many languages and countries, not just Australia.

App Development Services.

We would love to hear your ideas!! Get in touch to speak with our development specialists.

We will send you a mutual NDA agreement and commence building a business case and quotation for you.

Experienced Mobile app developers

Startups Process.

Our highly skilled team of designers and expert mobile app developers build extraordinary applications by digging deep into the minds of your audience and delivering an experience that make your users thirsty for more. Having developed apps for all business categories and sizes, Digital One Agency have perfected the fine art of building mobile apps your users will love. Using the very latest in technology we ensure your apps are relevant, scalable and secure to maximise growth and efficiency in both the Australian market or Global markets.

We start by making sure your Intellectual Property is safe and secure, every project we discuss starts with an Non Disclosure Agreement. We analyse your idea and see that our dedicated teams will suit your business, budgets and timelines.
Research & Analysis
We will then determine the best way to prepare your idea for development by conducting a business analysis of the current market, ensure risk is minimised and build the right strategy to launch your mobile app platform.
Our experienced marketing team and branding specialists work with you to build a brand that sets you above the rest. Including; business naming, social media account setup, domain registrations, logo design, branding colours, landing pages, website's and more.
IP & Branding Protection
Within our network we have a range of expert lawyers specialising in IP, technology and business law to help protect your company and app. Our lawyers can provide all types of policies, agreements, T&C's and protect you globally. Additionally our partnered lawyers can assist with Trademarking in any country.
Accounting / Insurance / Legal / Business Advice
We have a large network consisting of accountants, insurance specialists, business advisers and lawyers. We are able to assist with all aspects of your business to ensure its success and protect your business and ideas.
Wire Frame & Design
This is when everything starts to become a reality, we design the flow and how users will navigate through the app. From the wire-frame we create the design of the app and provide this to you.
Development & Testing
Our team work hard to build your app based on all of the requirements needed and design created. Before the big launch we make the application live but private to allow for real world testing.
Launch & Monitoring
With a carefully planned pre launch marketing campaign we will launch your application within budget and on time. Our team will actively monitor how your app is performing in real time. If any updates or changes are required our responsive and proactive team are on deck and ready at all times.
Growth / Ongoing Support / Additional Features
Not only do we offer 6 months bug free support after launch, we work with you long term helping you build your brand and platform, adding features to your app and assisting you to success.
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Not just apps.

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We have a dedicated team of mobile application developers who specialise in integrating service to connect your app to the required infrastructure, services and databases behind the scenes. We work with you to design, and build services such as databases, web services and web applications of all sizes.

Our team are experts in mobile application development and deployment, trained to test user and technical requirements to ensure your app is of the highest standard.. 

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